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UX matters in money matters!

When searching for a financial advisor to plan your future, you meet with several advisors who seem to understand the basics after explaining your income, expenses, etc.

"But then, every single advisor suggests a huge investment plan. Basically, they say, "Invest all your money now and forget about enjoying life!". 

Shouldn't a financial plan consider what kind of life you want to live? Do you want to travel the world, retire early, or own your dream house?"

This is where UX Design comes in! Just like designing a great app, financial planning needs to be USER-CENTERED.

Imagine an app that doesn't ask about YOUR interests, it just throws generic features at you. Wouldn't that be frustrating?

Financial planning should be the same! A good advisor should ask:

  • What are your financial GOALS? Short & Long term?

  • What kind of LIFESTYLE do you envision? Adventure seeker or homebody? ✈️

  • What are your COMFORT levels with risk?

By understanding YOUR story, the advisor can create a personalized plan that balances future security with enjoying your TODAY.  

The point? Just like good UX design, good financial planning should be about YOU, not a one-size-fits-all approach. 🫵 Let's find financial advisors who listen and create a plan that lets you reach your goals AND live your life!

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