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Collaboration for UX design team

Sharing collaboration processes or practices based on my recent experience. to start with, always establish a collaboration plan and a communication process before you begin any project

  • Use the best tools for collaboration; for UX and UI, use Figma, Miro, Mural, just in mind, etc.

  • Create a chat group for UX the project team on teams, slack, or hangout.

  • Create a daily note document where a team can add daily queries and assumptions to the lead or POC.

  • Document your goals clearly so that all team members know their roles and responsibilities.

  • Document all the requirements so that there are no open questions.

  • Create a weekly status document and update it every Friday or Monday so that stakeholders can check the progress and the status of the UX tasks.

  • Plan daily or weekly UX sync.

  • Plan weekly meetings with stakeholders to update or discuss your queries or requirements.

  • Considering we all work remotely, plan and engage your team members in creative activities.

  • Present your ideas or solutions to the team, review and discuss your solutions, and iterate.

  • Present your selected ideas or solutions to the POCs.

Let me know what do you think

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